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    The Ruth Moore Act Passed the US Senate Veterans Affairs Committee. The Act has already passed the House and has no other Senate committees to clear. All that’s left is a floor vote on the Senate and then on to the President’s desk.
    This act is important because vets Honorably Discharged with less than 2 years of service who are designated as experiencing MST but not diagnosed with PTSD are in a unique status of receiving almost no VA benefits, this Act will change that.



    I wonder what the hold up is on this bill in the Senate? On the surface it seems like a no brainier what ever the political tilt may be. Has any one heard if this will come to a vote soon?

    My claim is a year old now, a recent notice from the VA indicated a pending status while additional information comes in. I understand the need for a thorough analysis, yet I can’t help but believe the Ruth Moore Act will allow the VA to decide a case with out having to get an admission from the perpetrator or to have the chain of command admit that something happened on their watch.

    I am interested in how others view this.




    Veterans Omnibus Bill-Including Ruth Moore Act voted down by Senate.
    The War Against Veterans continues. First Retiree pensions are cut
    Now the Senate voted down the entire veterans bill. Ruth Moore Act provisions
    In the Senate Bill had been significantly cut in the Senate version but still
    Got voted down. The contempt for the military and veterans is astounding-stop
    With the patriotic rhetoric about the military and veterans then stab them in the back.



    I find this action by the Senate very sad. Many will be negatively impacted by this bill, including me. My claim was denied after more than a year of waiting with the simple analysis of there being no markers in my service record or medical record. The raters did not consult with my treating Psychiatrist at the VA or conduct a C&P exam. I excelled after by experience with MST, I was raped as a Pvt E-1 and rose in rank to SSG E6 in less than three years and was cited for meritorious performance of duty by USASAPacific from June 1967 to June 1969. I left the service shortly after and then fell apart. I intend to appeal. I am tired of being ashamed of myself and my service. Bepo

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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