Joann Marin’s Story

Joann Marin’s Story

October 21, 2021

My name is, Joann Marin and I want to share my True Story of my Child Molestation Investigation of my stepfather, who had molested me as a child.

My name is Joann Marin, I am a Victim of Child Molestation from my stepfather, who now resides in Little Rock, AR., and runs and owns three construction companies, which one is a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned- Small Business (SDVOSB).

I have been sexually molested by this monster from 1986-1990.

As, long as I am still living, I will bring Justice and bring him to Court, even, if I need to persue it to the Supreme Court, I will. Everything he has worked for and built up for himself, I will take it away, piece by piece as he did to me when I was a little girl……I will embarrass him with humility and tear his pride down. Everyone will know, who he truly is.

Now, that I am not a Minor as I was and have the knowledge I didn’t back then and the lack of Monetary Fund’s. I may now go after this, “Monster” that has manipulated those around him. I have worked very hard to where I am today, but I still suffer from his poison. Just talking about this, still makes me sick to my stomach, but I kept myself strong and hoping there will be justice for me some day.

I have requested this Investigative Report back in 2014.

My stepfather needs to be accounted for his unthoughtful actions and has got away with it for so long. It’s time for him to pay for his dues.

Unfortunately, he manipulated my mother, a woman that knew nothing that was going on and barely competent of his Investigation back then. He later, divorced my mother, to escape his past and married another Filipina woman, his current wife now, who he was having an affair with prior to the Divorce. He is a very sick person and there is so much more about him, I can say he has done and still doing towards other people.

My sister, his daughter is totally aware of the Investigative Report because I gave her a Copy of the Report which my stepfather is also now aware of. Even his son-in-law, is aware of the Report and that’s another reason why, he wants nothing to do with working for his father-in-law’s company.

My stepfather has also, offered me to close my company to work for him. Why, would I work for a person like him. He needs to understand, I came this far to ever quit of what I built for myself. All his family, especially his mother stick by him to present him as a “GOOD MAN”, lol.

In addition, he has been spreading accusations through his family and co-workers that, if ever anything happened to him or his current wife to report it to the police that my mom and I had something to do with it.

This monster needs to have his U.S. Navy Rank stripped from him along with his Retirement Pay and I need to be compensated from his actions he has done to me.

I demand Justice and Compensation of his wrong doings he did to me.

Joann Marin