Messages of Support for Protect Our Defenders

Hundreds of Americans sent well wishes to be delivered to Tsgt Jennifer Norris, USAF ret. and the survivors of military sexual assault who are testifying, attending, and listening to the HASC Lackland hearing this week to show their support for survivors, advocates and their friends and families who are pushing for transformational change in the military.

LindaThank you for your service. I'm behind you 100%!
ValonneWe are here for you!
MatthewNever give up. You're writing pages in history that need to be there. I am proud of each, and every one of you.
KateYou are my heroes. I am sending you my support and know that I will keep pressure on our legislators.
MaryI testified many years ago, in 1992. I can imagine how difficult this is for you & those around you. Bravo. Thank you for doing what's right. I applaud your courage & I thank you for standing up for yourself & others. Always know there are many people like me who back you up 100% & are there with you in spirit!
MarilynYou have our wholehearted support; we can only imagine what you had to endure!
LoriKeep on keeping on! You are making a difference!
LeslieHang in there! I am thinking and praying for all survivors and their families to be strong at this time. I pray that your efforts will bring the change that is needed.
ChristopherYour nation stands with you. Thank you for your service. May you find peace and justice and healing.
BillStay strong, you matter and we do care.
EleanorBy stepping forward and speaking up countless military woman will not experience abuse in silence. Courage is its own reward. You will reap that reward the rest of your life. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!
RainThank you for having the courage and determination to stand up and fight for your rights. You represent the silent thousands who are victims of these type of crimes but who are not brave enough or otherwise able to identify themselves. You are true warriors, fighting For the greater good. Thank you.
JohnThank you for standing up and demanding justice. I hope this helps you recover from agreeing to serve your country and then suffering for it. Your willingness to bear witness will help end this abuse.
MargoThank you for being so courageous. Peace
GeorgeWe stand with you.
LornaThank you for your courage in standing up for all rape victims, past and future.
CatherineThank you for speaking out. It is important for all women around the world to be valued.
DottieMay justice prevail allowing you to heal with dignity. May God Bless You and Keep You Strong.
PamelaBest of luck with the hearings! Hang in there even through the emotional challenges you face!
HaroldSexual assault should not have any place in our military ranks. It is essential that it be fully investigated and halted. I send my full support the survivors and all who been disrespected and were brave enough to step forward and report the same.
BarbaraPlease know that we are many standing with and behind you in all you must do to help deal with this issue I know is critical! I treasure all I gained from my years of service before retirement from the USNR, though I experienced none of what you survived. The fact that you did sullies the fact I was of little assistance in those years or since, so I can do no less that give you my support now that I can.
LoisAs you have demonstrated courage in your job, may your strength and courage continue regarding your personal assaults and for the benefit of too many others.
MicheleStay strong! The well wishes of millions are with you as you face this very difficult time.
BarbaraGood luck at the hearing. Stay strong. We will send many, many good thoughts your way.
JanYou are not alone.
JoyI wish to thank all the survivors of all they have over come. I know how hard it is to go through and push on. But thereÕs one thing you must do and thatÕs never ever give up ever. Thank you for taking care of our Country for thatÕs a big challenge. Blessings to each one. May God keep you safe and watch over all of you.
SusanStand tall and tell all. With love and light.
NicoleThank you for all you have done for our nation. I sincerely hope we take this opportunity to repay the favor you have granted to us.
AliciaPlease know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers!
JohnYou deserve to be heard!
ChristineYou are not alone. Wishing you healing and peace.
ChrisWe are thinking about you & grateful for all your sacrifice and service to keep our country safe! Wishing you peace, joy & success.
MerrillMy thoughts are with you all! This is NOT ok and shall no longer be tolerated and covered up!
LindaYour horrific experiences will translate into action for all women in the military. I admire your perseverance and resilience!
SaraBe strong and courageous as you already are.
HarrietBest wishes for a positive outcome. There is much support for being able to prosecute rape.
DwightAs a former member of the military, and as a human being - my sympathies, my empathies, and my hope is with all of you who have suffered from the sexism inherent in the culture of the military. I suffer from combat induced Chronic PTSD so I am somewhat able to imagine the suffering of those who experience sexual trauma. Violence is violence, is violence, is violence, and it is a violation of the soul no matter what form it comes in and it is enduring and soul destroying.
SandraI got through 20 years and retired. It's worth the fight. I'm grateful for your efforts, I know what you have been through.
SharonThanks for taking action and courageously sticking to it.
GloriaI am behind you all the way.
PatriciaThank you for your service, I stand in solidarity with you. It is the worst national disgrace that you have to beg for a hearing when you have given an ultimate sacrifice for your country, your dignity.
KarenThank you for speaking out to end the violence.
LuAnnMy thoughts & prayers go with all of you as you speak before our government.
SusieYou are strong and we are doing everything in our power to get justice for you!
Gloria LindaPlease know that many support the actions that you are taking in our behalf. We are with you on this journey.
AntoinetteCongratulations and thank you for your relentless commitment to justice!
TifNot sure I can say anything that hasn't already been said to you, but I do want to send a positive note. So many people get discouraged in the battle, by the fact that we even have to fight it, by how slow progress seems to be made, and by how little some people seem to understand the issues. My Zen Buddhist teacher used to quote to me, "One positive step." This quote pushes me to keep the good fight every day, whether fighting a small battle or a monumental one. Perhaps it will encourage some of you: "In the middle of the world, make one positive step. In the center of chaos, make one definitive act. Say yes. Stay alive. Be awake." This is what it's all about.
CarlIt is never easy fighting for justice and the outcome of your testimony before Congress is uncertain. I don't presume to know how difficult it will be to dredge up such painful memories and share your stories openly on the public record before Congress but I do know that you are strong and resilient. You are our defenders and protectors and deserve much better from our country. And even though I cannot be in DC to support you in person I hope that these simple words will help you to know that there are many who have signed petitions and called their Congressional representatives on your behalf. You have defended us selflessly now it is our turn to defend you. You are not alone.
EricKnow that you are appreciated and respected.
MegThank you for your courage...finding it so soon in life will help you in the long run. Be well, my comrades!
EllenWhile it didn't happen in the military, I've been in your shoes in a public way as well.. Hold your head up high, and settle for nothing less than full justice! Many have your back and are going through this with you in spirit...blessings.
DianaI wish you all the very best, and may the Lord place the correct words on your tongues, and lips. I hope that they listen and act on your true stories of courage, and the criminal raping, and sexual assaults. I was sent home from the Buffalo VA hospital, in Buffalo, NY. They found out I had MST, and PTSD, and a flashback, due to the severe workplace bullying, and back stabbing with degrading comments. I have been a nurse for 14 years, and have many awards, yet my career is over, the Human Resources gave me all zeros in my evaluation. I have been homeless for close to four months. Yet the EEOC continues to throw away the complaints into the shredders. Thank you for all you have done, and will keep on doing. Please remember to wear good sneakers, or comfortable shoes, and drink plenty of water. Remember the people you are talking to, have never been in a rape victimÕs shoes, describe in detail. God bless you all.
JaniceMay justice reign for all who have been used and abused. We are thinking about all of you survivors of rape in the military, and praying that your message will be heard and acted upon in your favor. Our support is with you. Let's bring this abuse of our committed service members to an end once and for all, and prosecute those who are responsible and those who knew, or should have known and did nothing! Or worse, covered it up!
MarciaBless you and keep strong. You represent so many!
MargaretAlways in our thoughts and prayers!
LoisIt's so wrong that you've suffered, but your courage in challenging the military and your willingness to testify must make a difference for all women - and not just the ones who choose to join the military.
MarianWe wouldn't have any freedoms without our service people. They sacrifice everything so that we can fight our system if we don't agree with the government. That's what freedom is.
MargaretBe strong. God is within you. Thanks for doing this. We think you are wonderful. Much love.
DonRight on! I'm standing beside you .....
SusanGod bless & thank you.
JainaWe believe you.
CarlaThis is an atrocity that women who put their lives on the line for the American citizenry should have to be put in the position of being afraid of the men with whom they serve.
KathleenThank you for stepping up with courage, and we are grateful for your service to our country. Holding you in our thoughts.
DebraWish I could be there today to be in support. You have not been forgotten. Thank you for coming forward.
BradWish I could do more to protect our defenders. Thank you.
Jo AnneKnow you will remain strong in the fight for justice, with all of you in spirit. Jo Anne
J StuartThose who protect our nation from our foes should be protected from those who would take advantage of them. No more denying the problem. No more protecting abusers. Enough is enough!
RoseThank you and good luck. This should not even be an issue and all persons involved in the sexual abuse of anyone should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and the victims must have justice and all the care they need to recover.
JoanThank you for protecting us. Who knew how hard it would be to protect yourselves.
LouisIn a democracy if we are not treated equally than it is not.
BillThere is no higher calling than the fight for justice! If serving our country means any thing it is the idea of justice for all. Thank you for taking a stand.
VIckiI admire your bravery and I send healing wishes your way in support.
SamsonDo the right thing!
SusanGood luck and stay strong. You are bravely fighting the hardest fight!
JonPeace of mind requires justice, and justice requires truth. The world thanks you for your contribution to all of the above. Brutality and disregard for the individual human being must replace the prevailing macho mentality so pervasive in the military. ALL human beings deserve to be respected and treated with dignity, including after arrests for their crimes.
LawrenceI am Shocked and I am Absolutely Appalled that our Government has chosen to ignore this topic. I am grateful to you for the service you have provided and I stand next to YOU, in Solidarity, that this Horrific Practice is Investigated, Disclosed and Prosecuted.
CorinneKeep fighting for your dignity - you are supported.
ElaineThere is no excuse for what happened to you! You are brave for coming forward to bring about change not only in the military but for all Americans. God Bless You!
KathyThank you for all you do for our country. I certainly hope that our country will give you the help you and your families need and will continue to need in terms of support and holding those responsible for their horrific action.
AmaliaWe are in total support! We demand the respect and dignity that you deserve. I send a warm hug to you all
ArthurIt is unconscionable that the leaders of our military don't understand common decency. I am saddened by their actions and hope that you can appreciate that a majority of Americans stand with you in your time of need for comfort and support.
MarthaI applaud you for your courage and conviction to right this wrong! I wish you well.
JudiWe have your back!
SueWe are thinking of you and support you 100%. Thank you for all you do for our country.
MarilynI Live abroad- but wanted to let you all know that I am with you in spirit and want to thank you for all your efforts to end this problem in the Armed Forces.
JanetDemand justice! Myself & my husband are with you in spirit. Be heard.
PeterItÕs not right. Sorry it happened to you and hope some measure of justice can be had.
EileenMuch luck---I support you.
PamNo one should have to fear rape!
Bonnie and FrankAbout time!
DonnaThoughts and prayers are with you.
RogerWe, the People, stand with you.
JanYou can do it. You are all very brave.
SuzanneWe need justice for all our soldiers. Sexual abuse or abuse of any kind is wrong and can not be tolerated. Everyone involved needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
MaureenWith best wishes for healing, courage and lives that defy your abuse!
M. DeAnnStop the violence.
SherrYou are my sisters in this world.....I support you 100% stand up for the next generation
BobPlease know you are in the hearts and minds of others, and that you are not forgotten!
JohnGoing through any abuse is hard, it can leave scars on oneÕs soul.
FredMy best wishes to the leaders of the effort to bring sanity to the Armed Forces.
ThomasI must say that I'm proud to stand with you folks. I can't imagine how hard it is for those of you who have been abused to stand up and remember what happened to you. But to do so is something that takes great courage and know that there is a whole country of us folks that look up to you and are proud to. Keep fighting, you can't help but win and help those who come after you. Because of you they won't have to put up with this type of abuse.
DonnaMy hopes and prayers are with you as you bring this very important message of abuse to our nation's leaders. I pray that justice will prevail in your favor.
Jo AnnI am 62 and was raped at 17...nothing can erase the feeling of disgust for that person nor the helplessness of not being able to tell anyone to prevent it happening again. I applaud you!
AngelaIt is America's duty to support and protect our defenders. That our country has to even fight for our troops to have these rights are reprehensible. G-d bless our troops and their families.
DonaldBless you! Luckily, we're stronger than we think.
MartinNo matter what happens at this hearing this issue will be with us until it is resolved!
BrandelynBe strong. Our thoughts are with you.
KathrenFully behind your cause may these hearing lead to real change and closure for those you need it.
EdgarStay focused and you will prevail.
JuliaI'm one of the veterans who has identified herself as having been sexually assaulted while receiving medical care at a VA facility after I was medically discharged from the navy. Thank you for all who can get there in person.
MaryI testified many years ago, in 1992. I can imagine how difficult this is for you & those around you. Bravo. Thank you for doing what's right. I applaud your courage & I thank you for standing up for yourself & others. Always know there are many people like me who back you up 100% & are there with you in Spirit!!
MarilynYou have our wholehearted support; we can only imagine what you had to endure!
LeslieHang in there! I am thinking and praying for all survivors and their families to be strong at this time. I pray that your efforts will bring the change that is needed.
ChristopherYour nation stands with you. Thank you for your service. May you find peace and justice and healing.
BillStay strong, you matter and we do care.
LaurelYou have my full support in your efforts to bring to justice the perpetrators and assure the prevention of sexual crimes in the military. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your endurance and courage. Thank you for working to protect others. To those of you who bear the scars of assault, my heart goes out to you. Thanks to Nancy Parrish and all who assist her for their remarkable commitment to this most important issue of abuses in the armed forces.
TenaThank you for all you have done for the Country, and for Yourselves. When one of us is hurt, we all are wounded.
LaurieMay truth and justice prevail. May honor and respect span the ranks through equality.
MikeWish you all every success in the quest for justice and closure from all you have suffered.
JenniferJustice will finally be served, stay strong and remember that we're all in your corner, even if we can't come to the hearing.
RichardHope someday soon the military leaders will commit to helping survivors and insuring truth rather than ignoring facts is on the table. Best wishes.
MarcBless all the Men and Women who takes a stand everyday to protect us.. We support ya 100 %.. Were not supposed to be hurtin our own.. So lets get our acts together..
ChipYou're not alone and you matter.
SusanStay cool.
PacoBest wishes to you all.
JamesYour courage to come forward against these abuses is unbelievably inspiring. Without you, this issue would continue to create more victims. You have risked so much and I just wanted to say how much I honor your strength is doing what is right. You are making this world a better place simply by being.
BobbieAs a survivor myself this has been a very difficult road 37 years long. Today women serve in jobs throughout the military that I never thought possible. We are paving the way for justice for those who currently serve or will ever serve in the future. The journey has just begun for some, I pray God's blessing for our cause.
KarenThank you for your service and thank you for speaking out about sexual abuse - you are giving voice to many who have not yet found your courage but are supported by your willingness to shout NO MORE and have that be heard. My heart is with you!
carlaWe need to protect our women who serve us and who report abuse
AlanWhat you went through should never have happened. I hope you find justice soon & peace of mind.
MichelleI too am a survivor of MST and physical assault. I cannot express the significance of this hearing and what it means to others like myself that you are coming forward with your stories. I appreciate you, and thank you for your service.
TammyPlease keep up your great work, and thank you for having the courage to step forward and be heard.
Mary JoanI would love to be there if it weren't for financial reasons. I will work on a carpool of others see if that would. If I can work something out I may be able to attend afterall, which would be easier on me, and them, as well helping with the overall goal. ll. If I cannot, please know that I will be there with you all in spirit. And praying that all goes well!!! Blessings, KM. Joanie Dickson
RobertI was one of the first male instructors at Lackland Air Force Base, back in the 60's. I support these investigations and think they should go as high up as necessary. Someone higher up had to know this was going on. I was proud to serve in that capacity for the ten months I was there. The recruits were a great bunch of young women and deserved a leader with integrity and morals. I wish I could be there, but since I can't, I will be thinking out the victims.
ArmandAs a USAF retiree I can not express my gratitude enough to the brave women who came forward to make us all aware of the major problems in our beloved Air Force. I hope that these hearings will find the women some small solace as they continue to heal from the damage these so-called instructors did. Although I will be unable to be in Washington physically, I will be with you all in spirit. I hope that one day, soon, the USAF I so proudly served will return to it's rightful place of honor within the military complex. Thank-you for your brave service to our nation and our Air Force.
catherineProud to be apart of this very important issue...cheering all of you from the sidelines! You make a difference!
ArleneSpeaking as a survivor myself, I just want to say good work, good luck, and god speed in making a REAL change in the US military and how they handle things as a whole.
EleanorFinally someone will listen & hopefully will care.
AnnieWe honor your courage and deeply recognize how difficult this testimony will be. Many of us know exactly how hard it is for civilian survivors of rape and sexual abuse to bring charges against their perpetrators; and, we know that change will not come without this nation understanding what sexual violence is and does. This is why your testimony is critically important. What happens next is the responsibility of the entire nation: to end rape and sexual abuse everywhere. Thank you for your courage and commitment. Stay strong. You are not alone.
ThoraThank you for speaking out and not letting this issue be swept under the rug. All sexual violence is intolerable, especially that against those who are already putting so much on the line by serving their country. There is no shame in fighting back or speaking out, only courage and determination to make sure others do not fall upon the same cold, dark path. Keep you chins up, keep up your levels of resilience and once again, thank you.
LJayI can only wish your words will make a difference.
NickWe are thinking of and supporting you and hope these hearings understand and act on what you have been through.
MeaghanAmazing progress!
LynneYou have chosen to serve our country. You-above all women--should not have been a victim of sexual assault by your military colleagues. My heart goes out to you in this situation, and my prayers for your healing are with you. Lynne
CarolWe support you and commend your courage.
Mas & SueI salute you and thank you for being a part of the struggle, which is being fought on many fronts, to make our country continue to strive to live up to our ideals.
JulieI so admire your courage. Hopefully speaking the painful truth will help bring about change!
JeanI wish you all the best of everything in the world! You are in my thoughts and prayers!
PatMore than 50 years ago, my family refused to let me enlist in the armed forces because "The way women are treated there is not how we want our daughter to be treated." It's past time for that to change! I want to be able to encourage my granddaughter to join one of the services. She needs the lessons in maturing -- but does not need to be abused. Stand strong! You're doing this for all of America as well as for yourselves and your unborn granddaughters!
StephenYour country is thinking of you and supports you
JimmieStay strong and keep up the good fight. We support you totally.
anaI am humbled and honored that I helped and supported you all in this difficult endeavor. I too have been sexually harassed in the work place many times through out my career as a civilian. Your courage and bravery goes beyond the line of duty. You all make me so proud and give me hope that this will no longer, as they say, be "part of the job". Thank you for taking on this huge and painful task.
camilleStay strong, and thank you for your service. The world is finally watching and listening.
OshraTo all our dear survivors, That you are still standing and fighting for your rights and health is beyond amazing! I so admire that. Please keep holding on and having the strength to fight for yourselves and for the chance to never have this happen again. Know that you are not alone and that we all stand behind you. Much love and support.
AllisonEvery one of you are heros for standing up to the injustices you've encountered. Good luck to you all in your endeavours, my best wishes,
CarolYou, survivors are strong and beautiful---and thanks to you, this nightmare may end.
DerekThese guys have surely made huge sacrifices for their country, haven't they done enough or witnessed enough violence and horror ?
marisaThank you for your service and your strength!
DarthyPlease keep the faith. While survivors have faced insurmountable challenges, your sacrifice will help future survivors know they have a voice and the perps will not be allowed to get off the hook.
SusanTo all my Brothers and Sisters, I know I was unable to be there with you all today, but know I am with you in heart and spirit. I love you all SO much. You are my rock most days. One day I will make it to DC for an event and meet each of you in person! Consider yourself hugged.
KyleThe People of the world support and love you, be at peace.
JoAnnThank you for the courage to make a difference, not only today but in the future. Our country demands action on this issue.
RuthWe fight for our nation. Now it's time for our nation to fight for us. I stand with you in spirit. Keep up the fight on the front lines. I've got your back.
Hildegarde AAll of us that cannot be there are standing strong with you, our heads held high with you, and we will always have your back. Together, even in spirit only, "they" can be taken care of and we will always be there for you!
JoleneThere is no excuse for that vile, violent disgusting act. It' s about time that the military gets an overhaul. I spent 4.5 years as a Navy Seabea reservist, and I know how backwards the military was 20 years ago. I also celebrated my 32nd year as a member of IBEW, as a journeyman electrician. All of you have my total support and respect!
SUZANNEI am hopeful these hearings produce some positive results for all those in military who have experience sexual harassment, assault and rape. This is an inexcusable atrocity and must be stopped. My thoughts are with all of you who are taking part in this hearing, and I salute your courage.
ValeriJennifer. I am honored to have you be my voice and the voice of other women veterans. My prayers and well wishes are with you. I know you're gonna do a great job.
DominiqueMy brother joined the air force almost two years ago, and I attended his graduation at Lackland Air Force Base. I was so impressed and inspired by the strong women and men that stood before me. Thank you all for making the decision to serve our country. It was a brave decision to join the military, but even braver is your choice to testify and be the voice for others like you. Thank you.
GeorgeIt takes a lot of courage to stand up for what is right. We will not rest until this issue is totally resolved.
RobertI will remember you in my prayers and speak of this to my friends, colleagues and fellow veterans. And I will pray for justice.
kathy"Be Brave! Practice courage every day!" Know that you are loved, respected and honored in the hearts and minds of the citizens you protected. Thank you for all you have done. My heart breaks that you have had to suffer through this. My daughter is also a survivor. It will take time for you to heal and for the nation to brave. It will be done.
robeanaIts time for the DOJ to own up to something that has been going on for many years. I'm proud of the young lady who finally found someone to to listen when back in the 70's our CO's and XO's wouldn't.
DeborahSending you all hugs, sweeties. Much love and light to you, and thanks for all that you have done.
RobertWe support you in Hopewell Township in New Jersey and wish you the best!
alvinKeep moving forward and you will attain your goals. Good luck and thank you
MaryThank you all for standing up against sexual abuse and rape in the military. This takes real courage to do. I can imagine how hard it will be. By doing this you will forge the way to protect all women in the military so no other woman has to endure this. For too long it has not been addressed and I think that if reported you all are so very brave. I am standing with you and am so proud of your courage and honor! You are and always will be Hero's to me!
KevinI stand with y'all on this serious issue. Our defenders, both Women and Men shouldn't have to put up with any sexual abuse. I know from experience what happens when you report something like this. I was abused by a medic when in Germany. When I woke and caught him I demanded to be taken back to my barracks. I reported this to the CQ on duty who in turn called the First Sergeant and CO. I was told to keep my mouth shut then I ended up in trouble. No way I could prove it. It still bothers me I just hope and pray these people will get some justice.
EleanoreI did my basic training at :Lackland AFB back in the 50s. It was a great experience. The training was tough at times but it was all about perseverance. I'm so sorry to hear about the sexual abuses that are reported here. It's tough enough to meet the regular daily challenges without having to put up with abuse of any kind. I support the people who are going to Washington and I pray it will make serious changes happen for our women's Air Force.
KristineYou are strong and courageous and YOU will prevail! Hang in there!
DerekI wish you well in all your endeavors, good luck
constanceI am sorry for all of you that I know of. I was in Lackland, AFB February-March of 79. I had 1 female TI and 1 male TI, but my sister flight only had male TI's. I heard plenty of story's about what was going on, but thankfully for me it didn't happen there. My incident happened at the motel they sent everyone to for the physical. So what happened to me didn't happen AT Lackland, but it was still military related.
SheilaTo each of you who has the courage to stand up and speak out against sexual violence and assault, you who speak for those of us who cannot speak for themselves, THANK you! There are so many of us who are more grateful than you will ever know. Angels, indeed!
kathyThank you for your service and I am truly sorry for any issues that you are now facing. peace.
chrissieWishing you all the very best of luck on 23 January.
CaroleI am a veteran of the US Army who endured sexual harassment and an incident of assault that left me disillusioned, disappointed, and disgusted by the military, and emotionally damaged in my relationships. We need to provide more training and better safeguards for women in the military, so they do not have to experience this, unfortunately, common occurrence in our armed services. This needs to be addressed now, as it has gone on for far too long...
AmyI am so sad for your suffering. I am praying for justice, but more than that, healing for you.
debIt needs to be out in the open so it doesn't happen again.
saundraThanks for standing up for many of us who have suffered the sexual harassment at the hands of individuals who are still employed.
SarahYou are strong, and you are protecting others by standing up for what's right. Be strong and know that I am praying for you all.
MaggieJustice will prevail. Please hang in there. This country's citizens want justice for you
RaymondI Just said a prayer for You!
samuelI wish I could join you at the hearings. But I will be there in spirit god bless you
ShawnStay strong survivors! You deserve justice for your service to our Nation.
PaulaThe only chance for change that any one has is to have the courage to stand up and speak up for what is right. I commend you for your courage and I stand with you all.
MarcusI wish all the survivors a speedy and fantastic recovery. I pray that we all will support and welcome you with open arms and hearts.
JuJuSorry I can't be there in person but I do want to share this one quote about life. "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on." -Robert Frost
DiYou are now veterans of the Invisible War. You served with honor - stand with pride. Not at fault. Not alone. Not invisible.
FernandoStand united.
LeahThank you for standing up.
JuliaI'm one of the veterans who has identified herself as having been sexually assaulted while receiving medical care at a VA facility after I was medically discharged from the navy. Thank you for all who can get there in person.
keithWe all fight for the same Nation. Hurting the people you rely on to back you up in combat and vice-versa Does not set a good example for our troop's or the country. Let's start to begin to make a good impression on our Country. Now's the time to move forward. As a Vet, I would speak for this cause, and get our minds back on track. Hopefully our government will follow the same protocol. Let's get this nation climbing again.
SamThank you for your service. I wish you all the best!
MariePrayers are with you
BeaI'm standing with you as you deal with this situation. I'm proud of you for speaking out. You are all in my prayers God bless you
SandraBehind all of you! You deserve real justice and should not be re-victimized by the current policies regarding reporting sexual assault in the military, as well as, offenders being prosecuted.
Juliekeeping you all in prayer, God bless you, know that you are not alone, and won't be forgotten, and that IÕm proud of you for standing up and fighting for justice and to end this abuse.
DebbySpread the word!
MorganI want to take this time out to tell you that you are one of the strongest people. Because of you, millions of others may continue to enjoy the right we all take for granted. Freedom is what you stand for and since you have shown that nothing can stop you from here on out! This is just your cheerleading squad rooting for you! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN MY YOUNG LIFE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!
LindaI wish I could afford to go to DC to support all of you in person. My family has always been military all the way back to the May Flower. The men in my family have served in every war. We also have had women that have served. I am proud of each person men and women that have given part of their selves to protect and give us the freedoms that so many have taken for granted.
JusticeI heavily support this effort. I will be in college classes the day of the hearing. I too am a victim of sexual abuse, sexual harassment. The best advice I can give is to remember that (What ever someone does to you, they have to answer to GOD for it---And you are not responsible for their acts towards you. It is never your fault!) I know it's hard to do, but work on forgiving them, and ask GOD to forgive them. Because the forgiveness is not really for them---- it's for you and your HEALING ! You are a survivor, you are a WINNER yes a WINNER. Last but not least, make a list of many positive word and phrases to say out loud to yourself every day, anytime you need to.
MicheleBe strong in spirit, Know you all are in the prayers of thousands of people like me! Know you have done no wrong. I do so wish I could hug each and every one of you! I am proud of your bravery! It saddens me to only be able to share these words with you, I will be with you as I know many others will.
JenniferYou are all in my thoughts.
MICHAELThank you
RomanaThank you for being our voices and representatives in this! I too am a survivor ( who is now 70% disabled from PTSD due to MST. I know how hard this must be for you, but I also know since beginning treatment my local Vet Center how much telling our stories helps. Know that this time, you tell it not just for yourselves but for the millions of us out here that can't tell it for ourselves. I suffered four years of beatings and rapes, and because of those beatings lost the ability to have children. I covered it all up for the 'honor' of the US. Navy, but in doing so, destroyed my own life. Many of us will be out here praying for you and sending you all the positive thoughts that we can while you are testifying.
Terry L.May the Good Lord Bless and protect them all, everyday day and night, at work and at home. Thank you all,
MelindaYou are Love. Love always prevails.
KateI am thinking of you and sending all my love and support in your healing.
RitaDear All Wish you all the strength you need to heal the mental and physical wounds as much as possible. You have my full support!
LukasMy name is Lukas Noling my father Gary Noling started a group called Carri's dad. I'm sending my support and best wishes to make this injustice stop. CARRI ON
MelissaI am one. I am a survivor of military sexual assault. It has ruined my life and after 30 years, I still have nightmares. The VA won't acknowledge that my disability originated on a US AF base. Thank all of you for your service and your tireless efforts to draw attention to this travesty of justice!
SharonI can't begin to tell you how sorry I am that you all have to go through this. Blessings to all of you.
melissaTo all the survivors, I am sorry you had to go through this and I wish you all the best, thank you for your strength.
KeishaGod bless our country