Pro Bono Attorney Training Manual For Military Sexual Assault

Follow a step-by-step guide that provides an overview of the military justice system, the benefits to survivors pro bono attorneys can provide, and what actions should be taken, when, and how.

Thanks to the American Bar Endowment (ABE), Protect Our Defenders, with generous contributions from pro bono attorneys at Greater Good Consulting, Arnold & Porter, and Perkins Coie, have created a Pro Bono Attorney Training Manual to provide those who wish to represent survivors of military sexual assault the information necessary to do so.

Download the Manual

Topics covered:

What is Military Sexual Violence?
Rates of Military Sexual Violence
How Victims Find and Engage POD
The Role of Attorneys in the Military Justice System
Overview of Military Justice System
Legal Authority — “Rules of the Road”
Options for How a Victim Can Report a Sexual Assault
How Policy Changes Have Impacted How Military Sexual Assault Cases Move Forward
Step By Step Actions to Take, Timeline, and Time Commitment
Special Issues
Dealing with Military Judges
Sample Engagement Letter