Education, Training, and Outreach Program

Protect Our Defenders (POD) works to promote education and awareness, provide training, and grow our community of survivors, family, and civilian advocates who support reform.

We provide speakers—professional experts and survivor advocates—and training materials for sexual assault prevention programs at military bases, training programs at VA centers, and contribute to educational events hosted by universities and national organizations. Our mini-documentary videos featuring military-specific survivor stories are frequently requested and repurposed for military, VA, and community training and support events. Topics include the history of military justice and efforts to modernize the system, the personal experiences of survivors, and best practices in supporting survivors following an assault on base and care at the VA.

Expand Support for Education, Training, and Outreach Program to Improve Military Sexual Assault Awareness Efforts

Our goal is to increase our capacity to engage with military prevention and response officers, as well as VA health care professionals, who request expertise and/or high quality resources including videos and educational materials, fact sheets and presentations. For speaking requests, POD provides coordination, mentoring, and travel for survivor advocates.

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