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Protect Our Defenders Annual Reports

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Annual Reports

Protect Our Defenders 2021 Annual Report (PDF Download)
Protect Our Defenders 2020 Annual Report (PDF Download)
Protect Our Defenders 2019 Annual Report (PDF Download)
Protect Our Defenders 2018 Annual Report (PDF Download)
Protect Our Defenders 2017 Annual Report (PDF Download)
• Protect Our Defenders 2016 Annual Report (PDF download)
Protect Our Defenders 2015 Annual Report (PDF download)
Protect Our Defenders 2014 Annual Report (PDF download)

Media Coverage Reports

Protect Our Defenders 2018 Media Report
• Protect Our Defenders 2017 Media Report
• Protect Our Defenders 2014 Media Report
• Protect Our Defenders 2013 Media Report

Supporting Organizations

Protect Our Defenders (POD) is a national non-profit organization, supported by contributions from private individuals, corporations, and foundations. It accepts no government funds, directly or indirectly.

Thank you to the many foundations and organizations for providing 6+ years of impact.


You Have Our Trust Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation

Jennifer & Gavin Newsom Charitable Fund

The Middleton Foundation

Parrish Family Trust

Rey-Vaden Family Foundation

The Schley Family Charitable Fund

The Stephen M.Silberstein Foundation

Below is a complete list of our IRS Form 990 filings and Annual Reports. If you have questions about these reports, please contact us at

Protect Our Defenders Foundation IRS Form 990

2021 Form 990
2020 Form 990
2019 Form 990
2018 Form 990
2017 Form 990
2016 Form 990
2015 Form 990
2014 Form 990
2013 Form 990
2012 Form 990