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Katie’s Story:  "I would have never left the military, had it been my choice. I was going to retire from the military. I was going to deploy..."  Read More
Katie Weber
Katie Weber’s Story:  "I joined the Active Duty Army in September of 1993 to serve my country, earn money for college and make a career out of being a soldier. I was 17..."  Read More
Julie’s Story:  I was raped four months into my Navy career. I was called a liar. I was administratively discharged...  Read More
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The men who raped Michael told him that if he reported the crime, they would kill him. When Michael’s PTSD was triggered by 9/11, he told his story to his wife Geri for the first time. Now Michael and Geri are speaking out to change the way rape in the military is handled. This is their story.