Heath Phillips
“Naval brig prisoner recreation area” by `Logistics on Flickr

Terri Odom
“Night apartment” by Sarah Baker on Flickr
“Eerie living” by Marcel Oosterwijk on Flickr
“Coronado US Marine base” by Willem Van Bergen on Flickr
“Ft. Drum’s Behavioral Health Department” by Cliff1066 on Flickr
“Veteran’s Hospital” by Marjie Kennedy on Flickr
“Hospital” by Marjie Kennedy on Flickr
“MO 30-1 CUT” by Morgan Fisher on

Jenny McClendon
“Hatch in the engine room of the USS Bowfin” by JoshBerglund19 on Flickr
“There is a Light and it Never Goes Out” by Paul Walker on Flickr

Jackie Speier
“Woman Recruit Training Command” by Expert Infantry on Flickr
“Virtues Instrumenti”, Kevin MacLeod on Incompetech

Panayiota Bertzikis
“Choir Music Library” by Matt Scott on Flickr

“69th Anniversary of the attacks on Pearl Harbor – Department of Defense Image Collection” by Expert Infantry on Flickr
“DSC_1389” by myelectricsheep on Flickr
“Army Spirit” by West Point Public Affairs on Flickr
“Park” by David DeHetre on Flickr
“Marine scans the horizon for enemy contact” by US Marine Corps on Flickr

“AMC, RDECOM revive Sgt. Audie Murphy Club” by Research Development and Engineering Command on Flickr
“Taormina’s Coast” by girolame on Flickr
“Yard Party” by thisisfurious on Flickr
“Morning Door” by Josh Puetz on Flickr
“Courtroom” by srqpix on Flickr
“I Need to Start Writing Things Down” by Chris Zabriskie
“When You’re on the Moon” by Tony Higgins on Free Music Archive

“The Dark Glow of the Mountains” by Chris Zabriskie,
“Take Off and Shoot a Zero” by Chris Zabriskie,

“September 11th, 2001” by cliff1066 on Flickr
“USACE continues construction on Wiesbaden housing area” by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Europe District on Flickr
“Under construction” by Rd. Vortex on Flickr
“Big Pipes at night” by Matt Clare on Flickr
“Calm night at the barracks” by Chris Jones on Flickr
“Avec Soin” by Kevin MacLeod
“Spring Thaw” by Kevin MacLeod

“last room pix” by Robert Couse-Baker on Flickr
“081018-A-3715G-760” by Jill Greenhill on Flickr
“081018-A-3715G-735” by Jill Greenhill on Flickr
“That’s Where To Dump The Bodies” by Jeremy Brooks on Flickr
“Demi B is a slut 4 Life” by Gene Hunt on Flickr
“Facile” by Chris Zabriskie
“Fly Inverted Past a Jenny” by Chris Zabriskie

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