Protect Our Defenders Files Amicus Brief to Defend the Professional Ethical Obligations of Both Trial Counsel and Special Victims Counsel in United States v Brandon M. Horne

February 14, 2022

In United States v Brandon M. Horne, the appellant alleges that the trial counsel and special victims’ counsel unlawfully influenced the investigation because of their “pre-coordination” regarding the victim’s sworn written statement and because they colluded to interfere with the Air Force Office of Special Investigation’s interview of the victim’s husband. Protect Our Defenders amicus brief argues that the actions of the trial counsel and SVC were not unlawful, and that their actions were in accordance with the applicable rules of professional responsibility and that they exercised the professional judgement afforded to them by such rules.

Thank you to Peter Coote and Pennoni Associates Inc. for your support in preparing this brief.

Download the Amicus Brief. (PDF)