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A Crisis in Our Military

Rep Speier @ The Huffington Post writes: Less than three percent of rape and sexual assault cases in our military result in punishment. The vast majority of service members who sexually assault other service members end up going free, in fact, the...
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Assault Victims Raise Clearance Concerns

The Military Times reports: Military sexual assault victims applying for or renewing security clearances must report any counseling received for sexual trauma, revealing intimate details to background investigators — and risking their clearance status as a result of their answers. Read the...
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The Military’s Secret Shame

The Daily Beast reports: When men in the military rape other men in the ranks, no one wants to talk about it. Why the sexual assault of males in the service is finally being confronted. Read the full report.

The U.S. Military’s ‘Rape Epidemic’

The Week reports: This week, 17 veterans and active-duty service members filed a landmark lawsuit accusing the Pentagon of looking the other way despite frequent reports of rape and other abuse against women in the armed forces. The suit singles out Defense...
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Rape in the Military

PBS reports: There are more women serving in the military than ever before, and they’re in danger—but not just from combat. Last year, nearly 1,400 women reported being assaulted and raped by their fellow soldiers, in some cases by their commanding officers....
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