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Academy leaders express shame, outrage over sex-related crimes

The Denver Post reports:

Air Force Academy Superintendent Michelle Johnson and other academy leaders pledged Wednesday to combat a culture that allowed star athletes to commit sex crimes.

In one interview after another, generals and colonels spoke of their pride in the institution, their determination to restore honor and their sympathy for the victimized female cadets. Some mentioned they have daughters and granddaughters themselves.

“I am deeply concerned about these things,” said Lt. Gen. Johnson, the first female superintendent of a major military academy.

But “I can’t go back. I can only go forward,” she said.

The Thunderbirds preform after the commencement ceremony at Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

The Denver Post and The Gazette in Colorado Springs recently reported details of a 2011 house party in Manitou Springs. Following the party, allegations were made of date rape drugs, sexual assaults of passed-out female cadets and threats by the football players to victims and witnesses.

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