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An Open Letter to Sexual Assault Survivors in the Air Force

The Huffington Post published an open letter to survivors by POD Pro Bono Network attorney Ryan Guilds:

A rape victim’s decision to come forward and participate in the criminal justice process is an incredibly personal one. Many victims are simply unable to feel safe or secure enough to report. But regardless of whether a victim moves forward with the criminal process, it is important to remember that no process defines a victim or their experience: A guilty verdict does not make the pain and anger of the assault completely go away. And an acquittal does not mean the victim was lying. Those who are able to come forward, however, are beacons of hope and an inspiration to those around them. Certainly that was the case with my client, who had countless opportunities to give up but never did because, as she told me, she believed it was important to do what she could to help other sexual assault survivors.

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