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Esquire: How One Colonel is Tackling Military Rape the Right Way

Lt. Col. Robert Bateman writes for Esquire:

There are days when I am slightly inclined to think that the United States Air Force is, at best, not quite evil. Most days I think that those who wear light blue are evil. Forgive me. I am an infantryman of the United States Army, and for at least the better part of three decades I have swallowed the Kool-Aid of my service that the USAF is just one slight step removed from the anti-deity of your choice.

This even extended into my education and then perceptions as a professor at West Point, where we cast stones at our USAF Academy counterparts. See, at West Point we are very much about academic rigor. This is why you see some of the harshest criticisms of the US Army in the past coming from the faculty of the Department of History at West Point. We are trained, essentially, as contrarians. Our contemptuous attitude, academically, towards the USAF is that, “We write history. They write propaganda and then add footnotes.”

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