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[VIDEO] Hagel: “Someone has to be accountable” for VA health care crisis

CBS News reports:

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said that “someone has to be accountable” for the growing allegations of misconduct and treatment delays at Veterans Affairs hospitals, but the focus of the investigation should be to “fix the problem” rather than fire embattled VA Secretary Eric Shinseki.

Speaking to CBS News’ Charlie Rose aboard the USS Oak Hill in New York City, Hagel was asked about reports of misconduct, treatment delays and falsified records at VA facilities nationwide – including allegations that veterans may have died waiting for care at a Phoenix VA hospital.

“Any time there is an issue or a problem or a veteran doesn’t get service – or certainly if a veteran dies because he or she doesn’t get service,” Hagel said, “there’s no higher responsibility our country has than to these people who serve and sacrifice.”

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