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Honoring Our Veterans from Terri J. Odom

Today for Veterans Day, we are honored to share a special message from Protect Our Defenders Advisory Board member, Terri J. Odom, to her fellow veterans.

A Tribute to Our Veterans:

Today on Veterans Day, cities across our great country have planned parades and other celebrations to honor American military veterans for their unselfish and brave service defending our freedoms and the American way of life. But for many veterans the greatest appreciation we have is the noble honor of having served this great nation!

There is a special kind of camaraderie between veterans. We all unite our resources to help our fellow veteran in any way we can. Always have! Always will!

I have truly been blessed to meet some of the absolutely amazing women and men who have served our country. They are brave and noble and bright! I often meet them in the last stages of life due to illnesses and injuries acquired during their military service. The one thing that every single veteran tells me is: “I have zero regrets. And I would do it all over again. There is no greater honor or cause than serving your country.”

Serving our country is so much larger than life and will forever shape who you are. I am proud that my grandson will always be able to say his grandmother wore combat boots!

I want to thank all of you veterans for your selfless service, and also want to thank all the non-veterans who support us and are always there for us. May God bless our troops and God bless America!

– Terri J. Odom, POD Advisory Board member