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Host A Viewing Party for “Service” Airing On Your Local PBS Station


The incredibly powerful and moving 2011 documentary, “Service: When Women Come Marching Home,” is coming to your local PBS station. Protect Our Defenders is encouraging you to host viewing parties at your home and invite friends to experience this compelling profile of women in uniform.

Click here to see the dates and times when “Service” will be broadcasted in your area. Protect Our Defenders can also provide you with additional materials on the epidemic of rape and sexual assault in the military and how you can help put an end to it.

In “Service: When Women Come Marching Home,” filmmakers Marcia Rock and Protect Our Defenders Advisory Board Member, Patricia Stotter tell the courageous story of women serving in the military and once they have left; the horrific traumas they faced, the inadequate care they often receive on return and the large and small accomplishments the women work mightily to achieve. Through compelling portraits, the documentary shows these women wrestle with prosthetics, homelessness, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Military Sexual Trauma. The documentary is told through their voices as they speak from their kitchens, bedrooms, grocery stores and therapy sessions. Their pictures and videos shot in Iraq and Afghanistan speak volumes.

Along with the broadcast schedule, you will also find more information on the film’s website here, and be sure to use Facebook and Twitter to let all of your friends know about your home viewing party.

Thank you so much.
Nancy Parrish
Protect Our Defenders, President