Get Help for EO, Discrimination, Workplace Harassment, Whistleblower Retaliation

We know how difficult reaching out for help can be, and we want to take a moment to acknowledge all you have been through and what you’re seeking to do given what you have experienced.

While we are so glad that you are on your journey towards finding supportive services, our purview is limited to sexual assault and harassment within the military justice system, and we are unable to assist with workplace harassment/retaliation issues, equal opportunity complaints, medical issues, whistleblower complaints, and gender/other forms of discrimination at this time as we do not have the requisite expertise and/or bandwidth. However, one of our organizational partners, the National Women’s Law Center’s TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund, specializes in helping those who have faced workplace sexual harassment, have ongoing equal opportunity complaints, and/or are contending with Title IX issues. You can read more about their program here and fill out an intake form here

Additionally, if you are a military member or veteran, you can connect with Stateside Legal, which provides both free and fee-based legal help for military members, veterans and their families. They assist with the following:

  • Benefits
  • Civil rights and immigration
  • Discharge upgrades and military record changes
  • Health and safety
  • Housing and real estate
  • Education and employment
  • Money and debt
  • Family matters
  • Criminal law

In some cases, you may wish to engage with your member of Congress regarding the issue(s) you are currently facing. For a guide on how best to do so, you can visit the ACLU’s webpage on how to effectively communicate with an elected official. Additionally, you can use the following links to determine your member of Congress:

In addition to the above resources, we encourage you to visit POD’s Survivor Support Network, which we have set up to help survivors locate services that may be helpful, including counseling, support groups, and legal services.

At POD we are engaged in an ongoing struggle to reform the broken military justice system. If you would like to be kept up to date on our progress, you can do so through signing up for our newsletter. You may also wish to share your story on our website.

*Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.