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Maine’s Ruth Moore settles civil rights suit against her former Vermont school district

Bangor Daily News reports:

When Ruth Moore was a teenage Navy sailor a quarter-century ago, she was raped twice by her immediate supervisor while stationed at a base on the Azores.

Though she was incorrectly diagnosed with a mental health disorder and discharged from the Navy, Moore never gave up on fighting for justice. She worked for 20 years to receive veterans benefits. She also gave her name to the Ruth Moore Act, a bill aimed at making it easier for veterans who survive military sexual assault to get benefits. The U.S. House passed the bill last June.

And Moore is continuing to fight for what’s fair, according to her attorney, Cynthia Dill of Portland. This week, Moore settled a five-year-old civil rights claim against a Vermont school district that began, Dill said, when the Milbridge woman was working as a special education teacher in the community of Danville.

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