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Marine sex-assault prosecutor accused of touching woman inappropriately

The Marine Corps Times reports:

The former head of a Marine Corps legal team tasked with prosecuting sex assault cases will face an administrative hearing in March, accused of touching a female subordinate inappropriately.

Lt. Col. Thomas Jasper is scheduled to face a board of inquiry March 12 to determine whether he will stay in the Marine Corps, said Maj. Amy Punzel, a spokeswoman for Marine Corps Installations West. While Marine officials did not specify what charges Jasper faces, an official characterized the alleged offense as an assault.

“Pursuant of the SecNav Instruction a Board of Inquiry is convened for one or more of the following: substandard performance of duty, misconduct, or moral or professional dereliction,” Punzel said. “Since the BOI is an administrative process, we are unable to release the details regarding this situation.”

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