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One in 10 female AFA cadets victims of unwanted sexual contact

Former Chief Prosecutor and President of Protect Our Defenders, Colonel Don Christensen USAF (ret) is featured in this Scripps News investigation:

Protect Our Defenders, a Washington-based organization that supports military victims of sexual assault, cited the retaliation number in criticism of the Pentagon report.

“While The Pentagon wants to tout every report as a victory, they ignore troubling numbers,” the group’s president, retired Air Force Col. Don Christensen said.

Christensen, a former Air Force prosecutor, noted that the Air Force Academy’s sexual assault numbers are similar to those reported in the 2003 scandal.

“It tells me that things haven’t changed since we had a crisis in 2003,” he said.

The group says the rate of unwanted sexual contact suffered by academy women is double the rate elsewhere in the military.

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