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Protect Our Defenders Release Letter Responding to Defense Secretary


June 6, 2016




Colonel Christensen, Former Air Force Chief Prosecutor and President of Protect Our Defenders Requests Meeting with Secretary Carter

Washington, D.C. – Today, Protect Our Defenders (POD) released a letter to Secretary Carter challenging the Pentagon’s failure to directly address its false testimony to Congress and calls on the Secretary to meet with the former Chief Prosecutor of the US Air Force, Col. Don Christensen. Rather than respond to the specific allegations regarding the Pentagon misleading Congress, a recent letter from the Secretary, written on behalf of the President, and a Pentagon white paper attempt to discount the evidence that the Pentagon’s testimony was false, by challenging Col. Christensen’s knowledge of “how the military justice system works” and “how prosecutions are conducted under UCMJ.”

“To avoid addressing the fact that they deceived Congress, the bureaucracy in the Pentagon turned to distraction and spin,” said Col. Don Christensen (ret.), President of Protect Our Defenders. “The brass in the Pentagon have their own agenda and are not being straight with the Secretary and the President. I hope this moment causes Sec. Carter to actually address why and how the Pentagon provided such grossly inaccurate and misleading testimony to Congress in an effort to stop military justice reform.  It’s time for the President, before he leaves office, to do the right thing and support a professional, impartial justice system for our troops.”

A recent Associated Press investigation and POD report exposed the Pentagon intentionally misled Congress to stop reform by falsely claiming evidence that military commanders are tougher on crime than prosecutors. In response, Sen. Gillibrand (D-NY) and Sen. Grassley (R-IA) called on President Obama to open an independent investigation, and a bi-partisan group of Senators asked for a meeting with the Secretary.

Rather than undertake an independent investigation, the President has allowed the Defense Secretary review the actions of his own department. In response to the Senators, Sec. Carter’s letter written on behalf of President Obama, and the accompanying Pentagon white paper continued to mislead Congress, failed to directly address the specific evidence presented in the POD report and AP investigation, referenced documents they refuse to turn over and questioned Col. Christensen’s knowledge of military justice.

Read Col. Christensen’s full letter to Sec. Carter here.

To date more than 145,000 people have with joined with rape survivor, Samantha Jackson in calling on the President to investigate the Pentagon for misleading Congress and the public about the military’s handling of sexual assault cases; calls on the President to support impartial justice system for our troops.

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