Anonymous Story

Anonymous Story

**Trigger Warning**

Boot camp was one of the best experiences of my life. The moment that I switched out my recruit ball cap with my Navy ball cap was the proudest of my life. As a young E2, I was sent to Advanced Electrical Training after boot camp. I was naive and trusting, especially when it came to senior enlisted personnel. So when an attractive E5 asked if I wanted him to show me around Chicago, I didn’t even hesitate. He asked me to meet him in his room. He lived in “geobachelor” housing, although I had no idea at the time that “geobachelor” housing was for married sailors. I believed it was for any enlisted member who had too much seniority to live with the rest of us in the barracks.

When I arrived, he told me he had to finish getting ready and went into the bathroom. He told me to sit down for a while, although the only place to sit was on the bed. Within seconds of me sitting down, he rushed out of the bathroom, jumped on me, held me down by my wrists, and shoved his penis into my mouth. I was able to fight free, but was too afraid to report it. The next day the entire base was calling me a slut, a reputation which followed me to my next two commands.

About 6 months later, I was in A school and had been dating a fellow student. One night at a party, after a few drinks and with the music blasting, we chose to become intimate. However, what I was not aware of was that someone had taken the doorknob off the bedroom door and was recording me having sex. I didn’t even find out this video was ever taken until after Christmas leave when everyone was asking me about my porn debut. I immediately reported the incident and was taken out of A school. The male who recorded and shared the video was sent to his next duty station. After months of waiting for the investigation to come to a completion, I was forced to sign a page 13 stating that I brought dishonor on the Navy.

A couple of years later, after I got married and had a child, I was cornered by a fellow shipmate who wrapped his arms around me while grinding up against me and did not let go until I was able to free my arm and press it into his throat. I reported this incident as well and it took 2 months for him to be transferred, although he suffered no punishment. This does not include the countless times my butt, vagina, and breasts have been grabbed. I have been asked to perform sexual acts and been cat-called in the most perverse ways. After my 6 years, I got out, began receiving my care at the VA, and I am 100% convinced they are trying to kill me.

Women have no support in the military and that does not change much on the outside.