Taquisha’s Story

Taquisha’s Story

My sole purpose of writing you this letter is because I feel failed by the Army I loved and serviced with my all. I was in Korea 2014-2015, which was the worst time of my life.

I have suffered from PTSD and suicidal thoughts because I feel like the Army I loved didn’t help me fight for what was right, and justice for me utterly failed.

On the first night out in Korea, I was in the club and the 1SG grabbed my buttocks. Oftentimes, he would walk past me and brush his private area against me, no matter which way I may have been facing. It got to the point where I was just tired of it all, and I reported to my command that my 1SG made sexual passes at me from the first day I made it to Korea. The same night I spoke to my chain of command, I was walking home from work to find the 1SG standing at the bus stop I had to pass. He stopped me and asked if there was anything I had to tell him, and I stated, “No.” I started to power-walk away because I didn’t know what was going to come next. Sadly to say, from that day forward, my life became hell.

From that day on, the 1SG started to tell the chain of command that I was slandering his name. That was definitely a false statement about me. At that point, another female made the same allegations of the 1SG making sexual advances towards her. An investigation was launched and the 1SG was released from duty. The BN commander stated that it was my statement that got him released because I had text messages as evidence.

There wasn’t any time during or after the investigation that I or the other female Soldier was protected from reprisal. In January and February 2015, after the 1SG was released from duty, he was seen in my barracks going to the video room. That didn’t seem right to me, so I told my supervisor. But, my chain of command didn’t do anything to make me feel safe. Instead, the Brigade commander said that it was okay for anyone to watch the cameras in the barracks. This was ridiculous because you don’t know anyone’s intentions.

On March 25th, I was told by the company commander that I was under investigation for fraternization. I told the chain of command that I felt like this is retaliation from reporting the 1SG. Nothing happened. I tried to get help from everyone, but ended up getting no help. The Army legal team didn’t help either.

The Bridge Commander never saw a video of me fraternizing in any way, nor did I see any video. He went off of the word of the 1SG and the Supply Sergeant. When I had a permanent change of station to Maryland and opened the case back up after the second time of me trying to get help, the 1SG admitted to the sexual assault, but still nothing happened him. They did not open my case back up or even investigate the reprisal that I had reported.

I want answers, I want a peace of mind, I want my life back. I feel that no justice was there for me, and there are so many questions I need answered.

I don’t want to have flashbacks and have another suicide attempt.

1. Why didn’t my chain of command protect me?
2. Why didn’t anyone look into the fact I stated I was being retaliated against?
3. Why would the 1SG wait until the other Soldier had a permanent change of station before filing the fraternization complaint?
4. Why would the 1SG only target me if in his sworn statement, there were a lot of unethical and policies being broken in the barracks?
5. Why didn’t the Brigade commander or I see this video?
6. Why didn’t legal assistance ask to see the video to help me fight my case?
7. Why didn’t legal assistance help me with investigating my fear of this retaliation?
8. Why was the judgement only based off of the 1SG and the Supply SGT statement when the company commander and the Soldier SGT stated something completely different?
9. Why was this man free to just get away with not only violating moral ethical standards, but with his position, Army policy, and two female soldiers’ careers?
My mind isn’t at ease and it will never be until I have answers. I will continue to push this issue until I get the peace that I deserve. I don’t want to live in misery knowing I was done completely wrong by the Army.