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The Forgotten Victims Of Military Sexual Assault: Men

Former Chief Prosecutor and President of Protect Our Defenders, Colonel Don Christensen USAF (ret) is featured in this article from Think Progress:

Protect Our Defenders, a group that advocates for better military sexual assault policies for victims, said the report revealed how little the DOD had done to address the issue. “The report released by the GAO reveals a stunning refusal of DoD to acknowledge the true scope and impact of military sexual assault and to seriously address the problem. DoD’s own data has shown that men account for nearly half of all victims of sexual assault in the military, and yet no meaningful steps have been taken to understand and confront this reality,” they said. “This is not only willful ignorance towards the problem itself, but is a denial of the humanity and dignity of so many male survivors, who are suffering in silence and without access to the vital services and support they need. The DoD has a duty to all survivors of this horrific crime, and this report shows that they have utterly failed our service members.”

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