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Top prosecutor leaves Air Force to reform military justice system

Retired Colonel Don Christensen, the Air Force’s former chief prosecutor and newly announced president of Protect Our Defenders is featured in this article from Stars and Stripes:

One of the military’s most highly regarded prosecutors is leaving the justice system he’s served for more than two decades to work for a group devoted to reforming it.

Col. Don Christensen, formerly the Air Force’s chief prosecutor, is retiring from the service in December and will become the president of Protect Our Defenders, an influential nonprofit that advocates for and supports military sexual assault victims and lobbies for military justice reform.

Changes are overdue to a system Christensen says enables perpetrators and punishes victims.

“I’ve seen how people in units rally around the accused,” he said. “These are the future convening authorities.

“We need to professionalize the justice system. Make it similar to what the rest of the world does.”

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