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[VIDEO] Al Jazeera America: Inside the military’s male sexual assault problem

Al Jazeera America reports:

According to an anonymous 2012 Department of Defense survey of active-duty service members, approximately 14,000 men said they experienced unwanted sexual contact last year, compared with 12,000 women.

Of those servicemen, 27 percent said the offender was in their chain of command, 22 percent said the offender used physical force and 21 percent said the offender threatened to ruin their reputation if they did not consent. Seventy-three percent of incidents occurred at a military installation, and 49 percent occurred during duty hours.

While the numbers represent only approximately 1.2 percent of male active-duty service members and 6.1 percent of females, they do not reflect how many service members have kept their sexual assaults secret over the past several decades.

Read more and watch a video here.