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[VIDEO] Pleas for more help for military veterans to recover from sexual assault

The Christian Science Monitor reports:

When Jeremiah Arbogast was a lance corporal, he was drugged and then raped by his boss, a fellow Marine.

Mr. Arbogast taped a wire to himself in 2001 and recorded a confession during a confrontation with the boss, who ultimately received a dishonorable discharge but no jail time. The jury cited the boss’s 23 years of service in declining to lock him behind bars.

Once out of the Marines, the rapist failed to register as a sex offender, as he had been directed to do. He also scraped the tips of his finger pads, to erase fingerprints, Arbogast testified Wednesday before a Senate Armed Services subcommittee. Today, Arbogast added, he has no idea where the man who raped him is – a situation that, along with the trauma of the crime itself, prompted a discharge from the Marines for post-traumatic stress disorder.

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