Help Fundraise for POD on Facebook

Facebook offers a great, user-friendly platform on which to raise money for Protect Our Defenders, while making your friends aware of the issues that survivors of military sexual assault face.

You can create a Birthday Fundraiser, encouraging your friends to donate for a cause on your special day, or just a general fundraiser that you can customize to your liking!

Here are a few helpful steps to set up a Facebook fundraiser on behalf of Protect Our Defenders:

  1. Log in to Facebook. Click Fundraisers in the left menu of your News Feed. You may need to click See More. If you’re on a mobile phone, click on the three horizontal lines menu in the lower right hand corner, then choose See More and scroll down to Fundraisers.
  2. Click + Raise Money.
  3. Select Nonprofit or Charity.
  4. Select or type in Protect Our Defenders, fill in the fundraiser details and choose a cover photo.
  5. Click Create.
  6. Make sure to “Like” ProtectOurDefenders to stay up to date with news and calls to action!
For more information, please feel free to visit Facebook’s Help Center. Also do not hesitate to reach out to us at should you have any questions or concerns.
Stay informed! Don’t forget to become a member, which entitles you to receive our newsletter and calls-to-action. It’s free!