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Washington Post: In the war against sexual assault, the Army keeps shooting itself in the foot

A front page Washington Post investigative report broke the story of a U.S. Army First Lieutenant who filed a report against her commander accusing him of sexual assault and multiple instances of sexual harassment.

Protect Our Defenders President, Col. Don Christensen (ret.) and the former Chief Prosecutor of the United States Air Force is featured in the article:

Don Christensen, president of Protect our Defenders, a victim-advocacy group, said the armed forces have hamstrung themselves by filling sexual-assault-prevention jobs with poorly trained personnel. Just as people start to gain experience, they typically rotate to new assignments within a year or two as part of the military’s “revolving-door mentality,” he said.

The system shows that the military “doesn’t really take sexual assault seriously and just plugs somebody in without vetting them,” said Christensen, a retired colonel who served as the Air Force’s chief prosecutor. “You keep churning people through the program and eventually you’re going to end up with people who are bad.”

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