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Parents of child molested by Marine colonel seek $25 million for pain, suffering

“They kind of got in a pointing match at each other, and said, ‘No, it was you,’ ‘No, it was you,’ who had responsibility for him,” said Don Christensen, a retired Air Force colonel now serving as president of the Protect Our Defenders Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to ending rape and sexual assault in the military. Christensen and the foundation are providing legal assistance to the Perry family.

“One of the two was required to put [Wilson] in the Officer Disciplinary Notebook … They would have had to have done an actual investigation,” Christensen said. “Again, the Marine Corps IG found these allegations in Australia against Wilson were substantiated, and if they would have done the investigation, he would have been put in a track to have his Marine Corps career end.”

Christensen agrees with the IG’s decision to pin the lion’s share of blame on Nicholson.

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