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MSNBC: Breaking the Silence on Sexual Assault at Lackland Air Force Base

Rev. Al Sharpton interviews Lackland survivor Virginia Messing and her attorney Susan Burke, who has collaborated with Protect Our Defenders on a series of lawsuits.  From Susan Burke:

“There is a structural problem. There is significant under-reporting — most men and women do not report being raped, because they know it will not be treated seriously. The way the structure is set up a single person in the chain of the command, a single individual has the power — unfettered power to simply wipe away a conviction of a jury. This happens time and time again. And so predators know they are able to get away with it. The victims know that there is no justice. And so we really as a nation we need to ask ourselves why are we letting this problem to go on decade after decade. We’ve got to step forward and Congress needs to act.”

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